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The power of the direct drive is installed on the rotor shaft, so it can produce higher torque at lower speeds, and the power saved due to the absence of chain friction. The lack of chain also means fewer parts that can vibrate and less noise. The direct drive has a longer service life and higher safety.
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<h3>Direct Drive Rotary Valve</h3>
The chain-driven transmission is installed laterally, and the impeller is driven by the chain and sprocket. The chain transmission requires more precise installation and careful maintenance to operate effectively. After installation, the chain needs to be regularly maintained and inspected to tighten it or ensure it has proper lubricity.
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<h3>Sprocket Driven RotaryValve</h3>
The conveying medium of the rotary valve is divided into: granular body, fine powder, irregular shape (such as PET bottle flakes). Wanda engineers choose the optimal design plan of the rotary valve according to the characteristics of the conveying medium and use conditions, and perfectly solve the "jam" , "Pumping" phenomenon, to ensure uniform and stable transportation of materials.
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<h3>Optional Accessories</h3>

    Applications in powder engineering, chemical fiber, petrochemical, chemical, food, medicine, electric power, offshore platforms, building materials, and grain Pneumatic conveying system for processing, mining, port and wharf industries.

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