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Application characteristics of self-cleaning filter in circulating water
 Nov 02, 2021|View:513

Circulating cooling water is a major part of industrial water. In petrochemical, electric power, iron and steel, metallurgy and other industries, the consumption of circulating cooling water accounts for 50% to 90% of the company's total water consumption. In industrial production, with the extension of the operation cycle, the concentration rate increases, and the suspended solids and dust substances generated by microorganisms cause the water quality to change, which leads to the fouling and corrosion of the heat exchanger and the continuous accumulation and formation of impurities and suspended solids in the pipeline. Problems such as solid objects occur frequently, increasing energy consumption, reducing the service life of equipment, and posing safety hazards. Different supplementary water sources have an impact on the cycle of problems and the degree of harm. How to reasonably control water quality parameters can increase the reuse rate of water, save water resources, and greatly improve the overall condition of circulating cooling water. The self-cleaning filter can effectively remove impurities accumulated in the water.


    Applications in powder engineering, chemical fiber, petrochemical, chemical, food, medicine, electric power, offshore platforms, building materials, and grain Pneumatic conveying system for processing, mining, port and wharf industries.

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