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Indispensable supporting equipment for self-cleaning filters in industrial atomization dust removal projects
 Nov 02, 2021|View:349

Spray dust suppression system, also known as water mist dust suppression system or water curtain dust suppression system, is mainly for coal yards, thermal power plants, iron and steel mines, coking plants, stock yards, docks, etc., which cause environmental pollution due to excessive dust, and does not need to be like a spray gun When a large amount of water is sprayed, nozzles of different shapes and atomization angles are used to atomize the water, and the dust is condensed and deposited to achieve the purpose of eliminating dust and purifying the environment. The entire spray system is composed of a water system and a control system. The water system is composed of water sources, pipelines, valves, filters and dust removal atomizing nozzles; the control system is composed of solenoid valves, sensors, and controllers. The spray dust suppression system has the characteristics of convenient operation, maintenance-free, fast and flexible, and has achieved good dust suppression effects in practice.


    Applications in powder engineering, chemical fiber, petrochemical, chemical, food, medicine, electric power, offshore platforms, building materials, and grain Pneumatic conveying system for processing, mining, port and wharf industries.

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